Digimon – Digimon Liberator EX07 – Display – englisch

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Digimon – Digimon Liberator EX07 – Display – englisch

1x Digimon – Digimon Liberator EX07 – Display – englisch

Digimon Liberator is a new project by the Digimon Card Game Team!
It is an original webcomic based on the Digimon Card Game, and serialization will begin from Spring 2024!
A new chapter will be revealed each month, so don’t miss them!
New Digmon and Tamers appearing in Digimon Liberator will steadily be added to the Digimon Card Game in these and future boosters and products!
Digimon Liberator, an original story from the Digimon Card Game, has begun in the form of a webcomic!
This set Includes many Digimon and Tamers that appear for the first time in this series!
The conventional Common card slots will be included as [Limited Common] or [Limited Uncommon], which has different specifications from the Common and Uncommon cards of the same set increasing the enjoyment of opening packs!


1 Booster = 12 Karten
1 Display = 24 Booster

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