Rebirth for You: Azure Lane – Display – japanisch

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Rebirth for You: Azure Lane – Display – japanisch

The popular smartphone game Azur Lane has joined Reverse.
The key to victory is to use the flagship fleet with the ability to entry, and the ability to use the victory.
You can also enjoy the action of recreating the battle of “Azur Lane” in Reverse.
The character card is a parallel card to change the illustration. Includes many cards from Kekkon costumes and other illustrations of dress-up.
Not only is Reverse, but it is also recommended as a collectible item.
Neo Standard Construction Classification: You can build decks with only the card numbers that start with “AL/”.This product is sold in a box.

1 box = 10 packs. 1 pack = 6 cards Includes a random selection of 100 normal types + 100 parallel types. Not all in one box.

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