Final Fantasy TCG: Hidden Legends – Display – deutsch

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Final Fantasy TCG: Hidden Legends – Display – deutsch

1x Final Fantasy TCG: Hidden Legends – Display – deutsch

Ein Display enthält 36 Booster-Displays.

Following “Hidden Hope” and “Hidden Trials,” we are proud to bring our latest FFTCG trilogy to a climactic end with “Hidden Legends”!
This new set introduces cards from the highly acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XVI and a new “Priming” mechanic. It also pushes the boundaries of the Limit Break system even further with multi-element Limit Break Cards, offering players endless strategic possibilities.
Collectors can rejoice as we are once again including a very rare autographed card in the form of FINAL FANTASY XVI’s main protagonist Clive [24-005L]. This card will be foil-stamped with the signature of illustrator Kazuya Takahashi, who created the key art used for this set/card.
Players purchasing sealed displays will obtain a copy of Ifrit (XVI) [24-001L] which makes a blazing entrance as our new Buy-a-Box Promo.
Furthermore, we have brought back the ever-popular Legacy Cards, which are full-art versions of previous Legend cards. In this set, we will be including Minfilia [6-079L], Akstar [18-107L], and Unei [19-119L].
In addition to being highly sought after, both Special cards and Legacy cards can be used in official tournaments, just like normal cards!
Card Count
Normal: 126 cards
Premium: 160 cards
(of these, 32 are full art cards, 1 is a Special Card and 1 is a Crystal Card)
Legacy cards / Special cards
・3 Legacy cards
Minfilia [6-079L]
Akstar [18-107L]
Unei [19-119L]
・1 Special card
Clive [23-037R]
・Buy-a-Box Promo
Ifrit [24-001L]
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Deutsche Ausgabe – NEU & OVP!

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